Painting in my PJ’s


Here’s the thing…I’ve always wished that I was the kind of gal that could jump out of bed, dress myself in descent cloths, make 4 gourmet lunches for the kids, build the Taj Mahal out of toothpicks for my son’s Social Studies project and pop a meal in the crock pot for dinner…ALL BEFORE NOON!  I know women like this…Bless Their Hearts (grumble).  Sadly, I am not in that club and I own it.  Instead, I drive my kids to school in my PJ’s and hope that inspiration will hit me as I search the pantry at 5:30. “…how about canned green beans and fried wieners for dinner?…yum!”

I’d love, on a daily basis, to be able to MacGuyver a piece of attic trash furniture into a showpiece with a little paint and new hardware.  Sounds simple right?  Well, I have done it and the truth is, it’s never “simple.”  For me, I  have to be in an uber creative get-it-done-at-any-cost kinda mood with lots of momentum and enthusiasm.  Those moods don’t strike me that often so when I get the feeling, I gotta go with it…fast…no time to think…kinda like catching myself by surprise!

Relate anyone?

The problem with “simply” painting a piece of furniture and why I  loose my momentum…

  • Ya gotta find the perfect color.  Meaning 2 hours at Home Depot with a trillion paint colors dripping from the displays…overwhelming!
  • What kind of glaze or wax shall I use to protect it from my kids?
  • How do I distress?   With sandpaper?  Steel wool?  My teeth? (Seriously, I use my teeth for far too many things I shouldn’t – I’m a mom of four – teeth are a mom’s God-given built-in, all-purpose tool – very handy!)
  • And don’t even get me started on the brushes, rollers, mitts and fancy dancy contraptions that only Martha Stuart knows how to use.

And finally, after a day of gathering materials, I’m exhausted!  So, I end up leaving my thoughtful, time consuming and expensive supplies in the car for a week.  Eventually I’ll move them onto a shelf in the garage and promise myself I’ll get back to my project tomorrow…or next year.

Sound familiar?

So, to my fellow DIYers who can relate, I have the solution…Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!


Perusing through a cute boutique in downtown Apex, NC called Two Old Birds (love that name!) and drooling over their repurposed furniture, beautifully painted and distressed with the yummiest of colors, I discovered the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint display.  The owner told me of the ease of painting with this magic paint…no stripping, no sanding…just paint one coat and wax.  He assured me that I could paint and wax furniture in hours and have it ready to use/dispaly by the time the kids got home from shcool- my kind of project!  So, I bought my favorite colors: Duck Egg Blue, Scandanavian Pink and some glaze, and off I went to test it out.

I thought I’d try it out on an old yard sale cabinet I bought for $10 and started the clock…10:30am

IMG 0294


IMG 0296

I cleaned it with a damp cloth and painted it with Duck Egg Blue.  The paint went on like butta!  Then, I slapped on some Scandanavian Pink on the areas that I was going to expose by distressing…11:20am.

IMG 0299

Then, I painted over those pink splotches with more Duck Egg Blue.

After it dried (only took 20 minutes), I scooped out the glaze, rubbed it in with my hand and rubbed it off with a clean cloth…12:20pm.

IMG 0302

After waxing and rubbing, I used sandpaper to distress, exposing areas of pink underneath the blue…12:30pm.

IMG 0305

After re-waxing the sanded areas…It was done.  Really!  Done!  12:45pm!  About 2 hours start to finish!

I screwed on a decorative knob that I bought 2 years ago for another project I never finished…

IMG 0314

…hung it on the wall and Wa-La…prettiness!  Accomplishment!

IMG 0320

Can’t tell ya how much I love this paint!  My advice?  Get you some Annie Sloan magic chalk paint, pull out that shelved project, and to quote Nike from a highly unathletic girl…”Just Do It!”

And, the best part,  you can even paint in your PJ’s!



Tea Talk with The Bombeck Sisters, Ep. 14: “Bye, Bye Kids! It’s back to school!”

The Bombeck Sisters are back in action!

We took the summer off to be with our families, but today marks a most important occasion:  First day of school!  Bless those teachers!

It’s been awhile since Steph T. and I spent some tea time together, so when I received Steph’s text  30 minutes after the last child was out the door I was more than ready to celebrate the end of summer (as we moms know it).


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”


We were not too sure where our Tea Talk would go, but that’s why we  like it.  You get to see two moms as they are on a typical school morning, excluding the Bloody Marys, of course.

We hope you get a chance to sit back and enjoy our 14-minute chat/laugh fest.

It’s so good to laugh with Steph T. again.  I missed her.


In Sync

We rarely wear shirts with two-word messages. Usually we’re in PJ tops or exercise shirts. So when I walked down to Steph T.’s house this afternoon and saw her “Be Happy” message on her shirt, I had to laugh. I was wearing my new shirt purchased an hour earlier with its own simple, two-worded message: “Get Out”.
I have a theory about people who embrace certain phrases. They need it for themselves. Kind of like a reminder.
Guess Steph T. needs to get happy and I need to get out.
We need a Field Trip or Tea Talk!

Coming soon…

Easiest Artisan Bread

Artisan BreadI’ve got a thing for making bread these days.  Yesterday, I watched a PBS cooking clip on how to make artisan bread. I was shocked to see that it takes just a few minutes of prep work and the rest is up to the yeast do its work for a day. It also requires zero kneading.

So I thought I’d give it a go.

And I’m so glad I did.
I thought it would be complicated.  Just the name feels a bit intimidating.  But it is really more about keeping it simple and allowing the fermenting process to do its thing a little longer.  I didn’t use a mixer, oil, sugar and I didn’t even knead the bread.  All of this, I suppose, adds up to artisan bread.

It really is that easy.

And I couldn’t have been more forgetful in the process.  I’ll explain later.

So here’s what you need if you make two loaves, which I did.  Might as well if it’s that simple.  Bread goes quickly in my house.

You’ll need:

A very big bowl

6 cups all purpose flour.  I used Gold’s Unbleached.

1/2 teaspoon yeast

4 teaspoons Kosher salt

3 cups water (just a little warmer than lukewarm)

That’s it!

Three Steps:

Mix all the dry ingredients together.  

Pour water in last and stir until everything with a rubber spatula.  

Cover and leave it alone for a day.  

That takes about 3 minutes, too. 

I started this yesterday morning and this is one loaf before going into the oven today.

We’ll call this Pot#1.

You plop it in a pot and cook it.  It’s not supposed to look pretty.  It’s gooey, but manageable. How easy is that?

IMG 4321

Use a pot than can withstand 450 degree temperature in the oven. Place parchment paper on the bottom so the bread doesn’t stick to the pan.

IMG 4320

Pot #2. Same thing.

Now place the pots in a cold oven, turn it on and set temperature to 450 degrees.

Put a lid on it.

Cook for 30 minutes.

I forgot to do that 15 minutes into the process.  I put the lids on as soon as I realized my mistake and went outside to water my garden.  15 minutes later, I took the lids off and let the bread cook until it looked crusty.   I would tell you the time, but once again, I spaced and let the bread cook without a timer.

I had a feeling it would survive.

IMG 4323

See what I mean?  It’s that easy.

Artisan Bread

There’s just one problem.

Watch the handles!

My potholder slipped and I burned my thumb badly, somewhere between 2nd and 3rd degree.  I pulled a MacGyver and wrapped it up with what I had, including my son’s Easter grass.  I could be on Survivor.

It really hurt.  I’ll spare you the gory details.

IMG 4341

  I think I’ll make bread everyday now.  And I’ll buy some new potholders to keep my thumbs safe.

IMG 4336

I thought I deserved a second piece with jam.  Steph T. came over and I gave her a loaf.

She was having a tough morning.

Bread just makes you feel better.

IMG 4337


What Are They Thinking?

Really, Sears?   Is this how you see us Moms?  Is this really bringing sexy back? 60% off?  How about free at the Goodwill?

IMG 4090

If my husband brought this home to me, he might as well bring me a matching housecoat and slippers.  And a bag of pink sponge curlers.

JC Penney’s ad is better, but dang, she looks like a teenager.

IMG 4091

Winner goes to Kohl’s.    Is she the big sister ??

IMG 4092



Tea Talk with The Bombeck Sisters: Mother’s Day!!

The Bombeck Sister’s share their favorite Mother’s Day gifts and wishes.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

It’s going on now!
Stop by and tell ’em The Bombeck Sisters sent you.🙂

This Year, Give Mom the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Had to share this post with our followers since Mother’s Day is around the corner.  Steph F. found Wine and Cheese (Doodles) from her friend living over in Copenhagen.  This post really sums up how we feel about Mother’s Day.  Enjoy!

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

zippo_mothers_day_ad_cropped My best Mother’s Day was the year my husband asked me, point-blank, what I wanted. Instead of playing coy, instead of saying I didn’t want anything, instead of assuming he would know I was just being a Mommy Martyr and then getting pissed off at him because he got me exactly what I said I wanted–namely, nothing–instead of suffering through an overcooked, frozen burger at Bennigan’s because it was the only place that could seat us at short notice, instead of all that, I told him.

“Breakfast in bed, a massage, and somewhere nice for dinner.” Ask and ye shall receive.  It was a lovely day.

Normally I don’t put too much stock in Mother’s Day.  As an American, the day set aside to lift my maternal efforts onto the pedestal on which they deserve to be permanently bolted falls at a crucial point in the English football season. (Now you…

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Decisive Mom

Reposted from Steph F’s blog, The Right Hue

The Right Hue

My mother called at 8:15 this morning.

“No, I’m not busy at that time,” said no Mom EVER.

With one sick child in bed and another one taking off with my car keys, yelling at me to follow while I’m running up the stairs to grab the checkbook.  Perfect time for a phone call and a bout of amnesia …what was I getting again?

I answer the phone coughing, practically choking on the pollen in my lungs.   The check book.   That’s it.  I remember only after going back downstairs.  My mother gets straight to the point.

Mom: “Oh, you don’t sound great.  Are you sick?”

Me: “Yes, my allergies are beating me up.”

Mom: “Well, then you can’t pick me up, I’ll have to call Erica back and tell her to pick me up.  I can’t be around sick people.”

Me:  “Wait. Mom. Where are you? What are you talking…

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Killer Southern Deviled Eggs with The Bombeck Sisters

The women in my family have been making these eggs for generations and not a one of us thought about writing the recipe down…probably because it has 5 ingredients and easy to remember but also because it’s sort of like a taste-and-bake kinda thing…taste it and add more of whatever ya need. So, here it goes. Enjoy. Happy Easter!!


Killer Southern Girl Deviled Eggs:
(this recipe is based on 6-8 hard boiled eggs)
Peel eggs and cut in half
Pinch out yolks in a bowl and add:
2-3 Tbsp. Miracle Whip
2-4 drops of Apple Cider Vinegar
Salt and Pepper to taste
Mash up with fork until creamy
Spoon into empty egg whites
Sprinkle with Paprika