Super Shred Smoothie: Blueberry Energizer

Week Two, Day Seven of the Super Shred Diet.

We’re feeling it.   Definitely a more challenging week than the first, but Steph T. and I are halfway there and in it until the end.   I love this smoothie I made for breakfast this morning.

In fact, I am still in a smoothie coma.   It’s a good one to share.

IMG 2408

I didn’t have flaxseed oil so I used ground flaxseed instead.

Easy to make and takes forever to finish.  That matters this week. We’re hungrier.

Pour everything in the blender.   Note to self: Next time, put the yogurt in first.  There was a pileup on the bottom.  Frozen blueberries again.

IMG 2409

This was delicious and felt like a treat.

IMG 2410

Here’s the recipe!

IMG 2407

Look for our next Tea Talk with The Bombeck Sister this Friday.  We’ll be sharing our “Super Shred” results and thoughts about Week Two of the diet..  And who knows what else…

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