Super Shred Diet: Hearty Banana Smoothie

Day Six, Week Four

We are almost there.  Hard to believe Steph T. and I have been on the Super Shred Diet for almost four weeks, but here we are, on the cusp of finishing.   I’m so impressed with Super Shred.  I’ve tried a few diets in my life, but this is definitely the healthiest, most rewarding one to date.   For one, simple reason:  You eat regularly and the food tastes good.  Steph and I are  ready to make some lifestyle changes like eating at least every four hours and getting in some high interval training.  I feel great.  Like my metabolism is back on track.  And that’s coming from a girl with hypothyroidism!  Steph T. too!


There’s that cute smile!

Way to go, Dr. Ian Smith!

Here’s yet another smoothie I’ve come to crave:  It’s called “The Hearty Banana“.


These smoothies on Super Shred are my new friends.

IMG 2512

Just one teaspoon of honey.  This is my favorite.  It’s from Winston-Salem, NC.

IMG 2513

The recipe calls for nonfat yogurt.  I went Greek.  More protein.  :)

IMG 2516

Right about here is where I would show you a picture of the smoothie.  But I was so focused on drinking that smoothie that I forgot.  It was really creamy and delicious. Sorry!

I’ll have to make another one.🙂

3 thoughts on “Super Shred Diet: Hearty Banana Smoothie

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  2. How is this 1 serving banana smoothie under 200 calories? I’m lining up recipes for my Super Shredder experience but when I add up the calories from each ingredient, I get 374 calories. Am I missing something?

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